1. Feral Girl
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Feral Girl music and lyrics Gail Martin

Keeps her eyes on the night
Keeps her back to the light
In the deep secret woods where I found her
She keeps torches alight
Travels only by night
Clad in bark like the dear trees around her

Feral girl never ages
Makes stone sing with her rages
Born of gods, but their heedlessness scarred her
Sends me running through mazes
Crying poets! Sages!
Give me a charm to disarm her!

What words can I use to call this child home
What lullaby would reassure her
What magic can quiet her warrior’s heart
What wisdom will temper her fires?

Fierceness cuts through the fear
She’d burn all she holds dear
Shake my limb till birds fly off shrieking
To remain true and free
Roots as deep as her trees
Her nature the courage I’m seeking