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Lullaby for Grown-ups music and lyrics Gail Martin

Quiet now, they’re sleeping, let them get their rest
All the trees up in the forest, and the black bear in her den
The time is now for dreaming, silent as the morning snow
They are dreaming, they are dreaming
Above ground and below

And all the little beings, let them, let them sleep
The beetles under quilts of bark, daffodils in loamy deep
The frogs in muddy ponds, mouse and mole in furry nests
Earth herself renewing
She needs her beauty rest

Tired Earth turns her cheek away from the Sun
He can barely rise over the pines
The stars in Night’s eye twinkle out one by one
Ocean tosses - her toes are ice
Tonight the Moon sleepwalks half dressed
It’s a time to be idle and blessed

And may my troubled mind dream with them,
doubt drowsy-eyed and tousled head
Snuggles up with my ambition, in a cozy single bed
Buried in a snow-drift, or gone underground instead
Surrendered up to winter
We have earned our rest

It’s a time to be idle and blessed
It’s a time to be idle and blessed