1. I Don't Know
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I Don’t Know music and lyrics Gail Martin

Although I think I know
Exactly how it’s supposed to go
It doesn’t seem to know I know
And so it seldom seems to flow
Exactly as I’d have it go - uh-oh
Resulting in this tale of woe

Because I think I see
The person I’m supposed to be
I see she doesn’t seem to see
That she’s supposed to be like me
I’m never quite who I should be - ah, me
And so I’m somewhat lost at sea

I must say it seems so clear
Who you’re supposed to be my dear
But I can’t seem to get your ear
And even when you seem to hear
You insist on acting kind of weird - I fear
Despite my counsel year on year


And yet to me it always seems
That life should grant me all my dreams
Even if by this it’s deemed
That others may not have the means
To satisfiy their plans and schemes - I dream
But from this pain and heartache stream

And so could it be so
I could embrace the Great Unknown
And let things go as they will go
Let these darling dice I throw
Roll as they are wont to roll
And find contentment, even though
Because the truth is I don’t know

I don’t know, I just don’t know, I don’t know!