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Unfinished Wings music and lyrics Gail Martin
Suspended out here on this limb
Afraid to fly, ashamed to come back down
And when I reach inside to where my
Worthiness should be
All I find are these unfinished wings

Unfinished wings like the one you hung
In my bedroom dormer, un-mothered son
Moved your workbench out, my dresser in
Knotty pine and balsa, dust and Duco glue
Smell to me of your well-crafted absence

On the wall hang angels
Pray my soul to keep
Protect me as I sleep
from rage and silence
Save me from cold duty
Monsters ‘neath my bed
Overtime, bowling leagues and ballgames

Backseat Sundays I loved to harmonize
Piping underneath your baritone
We sang Charlie Hank and Johnny,
I loved those heartsick Everlys
Could you hear your un-fathered daughter calling?

Across a landscape of blame and frozen hearts
Folsom Prison Blues of this broke-down family
Mom dug nineteen grand out of a
Dead man’s dresser drawer,
You could have flown off on those wings and freed us all

Unfinished wings like the one you hung in my bedroom dormer